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Corned Beef

The story of Lindee Corned Beef began in a small Brooklyn NY meat market in 1925. As the demands and needs became prevalent in the meat arena for something special, Lindee Corned Beef was born. Using a generation’s old recipe which is still in use today, and a process that is run by the grandson of the founding father, Lindee became and still is one of the premier manufacturers of Corned Beef.

All corned beef is packed in either 1 piece or 2 pieces per cryovac package. Also ask about our corned beef in barrels for those looking to place larger orders.

  • Made from USDA Graded Beef
  • Hand-trimmed and Selected Briskets
  • Raw or Fully Cooked Options
  • 20 and 30-40% Brines Available
  • Made Fresh Daily
  • Vacuumed Packed for Extended Shelf Life
  • Contains "No"Phosphates or Fillers
  • Mild Cure
  • With Spices or Spice Packets Included Options
  • Generations -old Recipe
Wonder Meats Inc. Corned Beef Wonder Meats Inc. Corned Beef

Cuts Available:

  • Brisket (as is & 1st cut)
  • Flats
  • First Cuts
  • Deli -style
  • Brooklyn-style
  • Also Ask About Barrel Cured
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